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Training tips for top athletes

Training tips for top athletes

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In many ways, the human body withstands challenges, climbs higher and leaves a mark on history. For most people, their dreams change and become different from what they initially wanted. Others may want to test their abilities in everyday work. One thing is sure, success takes courage and perseverance, especially if there are obstacles along the way and deadlines to think about.

The world’s best athletes train year on end for participation in intense training. It’s usually inspiring when these people surpass their physical and mental selves, and their efforts are finally crowned with coveted medals.

This discussion explores some of the top tips for athletes in the world that are worth an award. These will help you define your goals, focus, and follow through with them like a champion.

Being consistent

Famous world marathon record-holder Eliud Kipchoge attributes his success to consistency, motivation, and discipline. Bonnie Blair, the 5-time Olympic gold medalist and speed skater credits her success on striving to be the best and doing better.

No one gets everything they want, and some efforts may have some degree of failure. Often, aiming to beat the previous records is something many athletes strive for. Most top performers channel their actions by turning their dreams into accomplishments.

For Kipchoge, he begins his recovery run by doing an 8:30-8:45min per mile pace and builds to achieve 6:30-7:00/mile for overall volume. He may run up to 136 miles per week to prepare for the next workout. He says he tries to perform at less than 100% but aims to be at least at 80% on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Even though genetics and environment play a significant role in an athlete’s performance, endurance takes time. Therefore, being consistent in your training sessions allows you to build up volume, gives the body time to adapt, and forms easy habits.

To improve consistency, repeat activities, manage stress, train properly, and stick to a routine. Overall, consistency means that hard work beats talent if the latter doesn’t work.

Intensive training

Other than the desire to train and maintain consistency, top athletes undergo hours, days, weeks, and even months worth of intense training. Admittedly, Usain Bolt is one of the greatest sprinters of all time. By the time he took the final bow in 2017, he had already left an incredible mark on the history of athletics.

Of course, during his reign, he didn’t consistently achieve his…

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