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apple watch ultra

We take a look at a wide range of festive gift ideas suitable for runners, jumpers and throwers


Taking the Apple Watch to a new level, this version, the Apple Watch Ultra see great advances in both the physical watch and its operating software.

The new watch features an aerospace-grade titanium case making it light, durable and corrosion resistant as well as a large sapphire crystal display that’s super bright and easy to read in any conditions and while on the move.

Apple Watch Ultra

Battery life has been increased significantly and now offers up to 60 hours of use. In real life, using the watch throughout the day as well a daily 10-mile run and sleep tracking I’ve found simply charging the watch while I’m in the shower gives it more than enough power to meet any demands without concern. (An update due soon will increase battery life, making the watch capable of catering for ultra-distance events).

New dual-frequency GPS tracking means fantastic route measurement which is made even better by use of built-in sensors in the watch that mean even in the city, going through underpasses or in the forest, distance and route tracking remain spot-on.

Runners are catered for very well by the latest updates to the operating system. The watch can display up to six lines of data as well as scrolling through different screens during a training session. As well as the usual speed, time and distance, you can now display heart rate and zones, elevation, running metrics such as stride length and vertical oscillation and now running power.

The ability to create custom workouts is a great addition to the software meaning you can pre-program a warm-up, intervals and recovery based on time, distance or heart rate with the watch prompting you and recording each stage of the session.

apple watch

Apple Watch

When venturing off the beaten track the watch can record waypoints along your route, great for ultra-distance athletes or should the need arise for you to back-track.

There’s updates too to the health features of the watch, with temperature sensing working with heart-rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen and sleep monitoring all helping to create a complete picture of your health on a round-the-clock basis.

Overall the Apple Watch Ultra is now a highly advanced athletes tool that provides a complete picture of your daily activities and health that’s built to go the distance.

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