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English county cross-country champs round-up

English county cross-country champs round-up

Former Euro Cross junior winner Harriet Knowles-Jones is among the winners as we bring you news from county champs weekend

Many thousands of British runners competed in the county championships, which traditionally is the busiest weekend of the year and with special assistance from editorial contributor Martin Duff we cover the leading results of over 20 county events with a welcome return for

These include a welcome return for the former European under-20 cross-country champion Harriet Knowles-Jones.

BEDFORDSHIRE, Ampthill, January 7

Bedford & County dominated the men’s race as Ed Blythman led home a club quartet but they had all been headed by the Buckinghamshire top three, in a combined two county race, Martin Duff reports.

There was more success for Bedford, in the under-15 race, as Oliver Wilson led home a club sextet but, again, they were headed by Bucks runners.

Many-time British & Irish Masters International runner Christine Lathwell took the senior women’s race and split the leading Bucks runners. The 46-year-old has a history of racing and competing a lot, even putting her track spikes on for pentathlons.

English Schools ninth placer, under-17 Sophie Jacobs, was one Bedfordshire runner who did head her Bucks rivals but her under-20 county event only had four finishers.

Men: 1 E Blythman (Bed C) 35:03; 2 C Emmerson (Bed C) 35:05; 3 J Minter (Bed C) 35:44

M40: 1 T Harris (Ampt) 37:06
M45: 1 I Grimshaw (L Buzz) 39:57
M50: 1 S Coombes (L Buzz) 39:15
TEAM: 1 Bedford & C 35; 2 L Buzz 78; 3 Stopsley 154
M40 TEAM: 1 L Buzz 71; 2 Leighton FR 120; 3 Leighton FR B 191

U20/U17: 1 N Hammett (Mil K, U17) 22:31; 2 E Supple (Bed C, U17) 23;39; 3 J Hampson-Wallace (Luton, U17) 24:12
TEAM: 1 Luton 15; 2 Bed C 15

U15: 1 O Wilson (Bed C) 14:04; 2 M Kotrys (Bed C) 14:06; 3 T Beale (Bed C) 14:09
TEAM: 1 Bed C 6; 2 Bed C B 15; 3 Bed C C 27

U13: 1 F Bent (Bed C) 10:32; 2 O Coombes (Bed C) 10:55;; 3 J Davis (Lut) 11:11
TEAM: 1 Bed C 8; 2 L Buzz 19

U11: 1 A Milner (Bigg) 8:11
TEAM: no teams

Women: 1 C Lathwell (Stops, W45) 30;47; 2 J Dear (L Buzz) 32:38; 3 L Nicholls (Bed C) 32;37

W50: 1 J Naylor (Bed H) 35:59
W65: 1 C Ayers (Leigh FR) 45:12
TEAM: 1 Leighton B 14; 2 Leighton FR 39; 3 L Buzz 58
W35 TEAM: 1 L Buzz 23; 2 Leighton FR 24; 3 Leighton FR B 48

U20/ U17: 1 S Jacobs (St Alb, U17) 17:37; 2 L Danobrega (Bed C, U17) 18;17; 3 I Chesterton (Bed C) 19;14
TEAM: no team

U15: 1 L Farr (Bed C) 15:15; 2 E Harper (Bed C) 18:15; 3 C Fountain (L Buzz) 18:36

U13: 1 E Smith (Bed C) 11;45; 2 M Barnicoat (Bed C) 12;26; 3 C Watrren (Bed C) 12:37
TEAM: 1…

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