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Josette Norris joins On Athletics Club, will be coached by Dathan Ritzenhein

Alfonz Juck

Josette Norris, one of the U.S. top women middle distance runners, will be running for On Athletics Club, under the thoughtful eye of D.J. Ritzenhein, who has, over the past two seasons developed a superb group of young American and global distance runners, competing for the On running brand in the On Athletic Club, based in Boulder, Colorado. 

Josette Norris has run 3:59.72 and 14:51.32. She ran those at the end of the summer of 2021 after a very brutal Olympic Trials, where she did not perform to her dreams.

Josette Norris will be coached now by Dathan Ritzenhein. Dathan was a fine athlete, competing well at high school, and college, and then, moving to the elite level, competing from 5000m to the marathon. Now, Dathan, in a very natural evolution, is coaching On Athletic Club with such fine athletes such as  Ollie Hoare, Geordie Beamish, Alicia Monson, Joe Klecker, and Sage Hurta.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Josette to develop her skills. We wish her the very best!

BOULDER (USA): Josette Norris has joined the On Athletics Club in Boulder, Colorado, where she will work with a coach DJ Ritzenhein, she posted on her Twitter.

RunBlogRun interviewed Josette Norris in 2022, here’s our interview with this fine athlete: Socialing the Distance: Josette Norris

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