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Vets AC titles for McDowell and Sturzaker – cross-country round-up

Vets AC titles for McDowell and Sturzaker - cross-country round-up

Ancient championship held at Wimbledon plus other action includes some later county results and county schools races

Most of our English country championships results can be found here but for more recent results, see below.


Men: 1 C Jones (W Tempo, M40) 27:28; 2 E Taylor (W Tempo) 27:40; 3 N Brunnock (W tempo, U20) 27:58; 4 D Aubrey (W tempo) 28:05; 5 S Jason (Croft A) 28:19; 6 C Grubb (Ledbury) 28:29

M50: 1 A Tyler (Here) 29:44

TEAM: 1 W Tempo 6; 2 Hereford 30; 3 Croft A 30

U17: 1 B Hawkyard 20:49; 2 T Kennedy 21;39; 3 L Ansfield (Here) 22:42

U15: 1 H White (Halo) 14:35; 2 T Hawkyard 15:06; 3 M Mannion (Here) 15:18

U13: 1 O Martin (Here) 11:44; 2 F Tyler (Here) 12:10; 3 J Giampalma 13:00

1 F Goodwin 7:34

Women: 1 J Tilby (Croft A, W40) 38:41; 2 K Green (Wye V, W55) 39:56; 3 R Ansfield (Wye V, W45) 41:00

U15: 1 M Stroud (Here) 18:35; 2 C Coleridge (Here) 18:55; 3 H Rees (Here) 20:04

U13: 1 O Hayman (Croft A, gst) 12:41; 2 L Tetley 12:43; 3 Aton (Tenbury Sch) 13:07

U11: 1 M Goodwin 7:38

MIDDLESEX CENTENARY CHAMPIONSHIPS, Parliament Hill, London, January 21

Jacob Allen, a PE school teacher and recent national 10km road champion was a good winner of the Centenary event, Alastair Aitken reports.

In the event, last held over Hampstead Heath in 1974, there were some icy and muddy patches but the sun had come out for the races, which made the running conditions tolerable. It was obvious at half way that with 50 metre gaps between each of the first three, that Allan was sufficiently clear to be untroubled for the rest of the race with Seyfu Jamaal next and then Michael Cameron, leading TVH to team victory.

Allan said: “I hope to run the National and the Inter-Counties and, I am on 80 miles a week at the moment.”

In the women’s race Alex Mundell moved clear of a group on the second lap, going up a hill. She said: “I did not expect to win, as I use cross-country as a build up for the track.”

TVH’s team won with a low 26 points.

An impressive run came from Lauren Russel in the under-17 race, following her London and Met League victories. Her mother Sabina Russell, who came 17th in the women’s race, is to compete for England as a W55 in the  Vets road race at Chester in March.

Men: 1 J Allen (High) 37:08; 2 S Jamaal (Lon H) 37:40; 3 M Cameron (TVH) 38:42; 4 G Gurney (Lon H) 39:10; 5 T Fawden (High) 39:14; 6 J Young (Lon H) 39:41; 7 J Ellis (TVH) 40:38; 8 O Newton (TVH) 40:48; 9 N Faulkner (TVH) 40:49; 10 W Ryle-Hodges (SB) 41:10; 11 D Carpenter (BRAT)…

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