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Victory in Brighton for Cal Mills and Charlotte Ragan – road race round-up

Victory in Brighton for Cal Mills and Charlotte Ragan - road race round-up

Spring half-marathons now in full bloom with results from Brighton, Wokingham and Hampton Court

BRIGHTON HALF-MARATHON, East Sussex, February 26

After graduating from a parkrun start out in 2018 when a Leeds University student and a 5km best of just 19:41 at the end of the year, Cal Mills has been making steady progress and this was his best run to date, as he enjoyed a narrow victory in 66:38, Martin Duff reports.

This was a PB by well over two minutes and came over Marshall Smith, the Kent cross-country championship second-placer, whose 66:41 was also a new best.

Charlotte Ragan was the pick of the senior women with another narrow PB win, as she retained her title. Her 78:26 was just six seconds to the good of Ruby Whyte-Wilding, who was making her debut over the distance.

The pick of the older runners was Horsham Blue Star’s Elsbeth Turner, whose 81:50 was her best since 2019 but which represented a solid performance when compared to her 74:06 for fifth spot in the 1986 Great North Run. The 57-year-old finished more than three minutes clear of the second runner classed here as over-50 and her time goes second all-time in the UK W55 time in the rankings.

1 C Mills (Leeds) 66:38; 2 M Smith (Ashford) 66:41; 3 S Heath (Phoe) 67:02; 4 O Garrod (S Lon) 68:02; 5 B Savill (Lewes) 68:14; 6 K Barnes (Craw) 68:56; 7 R Brundish (Horsh J, M40) 69:53; 8 A Matheson (QPH) 69:45; 9 A Wilson (Dulw) 70:50; 10 L Grenfell-Shaw) 70:52

Brighton Half-Marathon start

M40: 2 R Saether (E Hull) 71:27; 3 C Halsey (B&H) 71:48

M50: 1 P Wishart (Phoe) 79:22

M60: 1 S Mills (Uckf) 84:27

1 C Ragan (BMH) 78:26; 2 R Whyte-Wilding (Lewes) 78:52; 3 A Harris (Phoe) 79:22; 4 R Gifford (Leam) 79:48; 5 E Turner (Horsh BS, W55) 81:50; 6 R Hillman (Lewes) 82:05

W40: 1 J Vickers (S Lon) 84:29

W50: 1 S McDonald (S Lon) 85:09

W60: G O’Connor (Ashf) 1:45:32


The day after younger sister Sarah won the English National cross-country title, it was Gemma Astin’s turn to take the spotlight with a victory, Martin Duff reports.

The 31-year-old’s three-minute victory, over Sarah Holt, in 75:03, was a personal best by more than a minute.

The 2018 English National, UK Inter Counties and South of England champion Phoebe Law ran 78:34 in her half-marathon debut in third.

Whilst Charlie Rogers won overall in 69:55 there were good runs from veterans behind. Fourth placed Steve Winder set a PB 73:27 at the age of 51 whilst Nigel Rackham’s 78:17 goes top for the 2023…

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