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2023 European Athletics Indoors, Day 0, Session 1, event by event

2023 European Athletics Indoors, Day 0, Session 1, event by event

2023 European Indoors, Day 1, Session 1

Terribly tough rounds in 800m; only two move on!

Men’s 800m, heat 1,

Catalin Tecuceanu, ITA, wins in 1:47.24q, and Ben Adrian, ESP, 1:47.32

Men’s 800m, heat 2, crazy second heat! Saul Ordonez was never in the race. Went out in 57 seconds and came back in 52.88 for Mateusz Borkowski; POL wins in 1:49.88, Jonas Rinne, FIN, 1:50.13! Mark English did not start! #europeanathletics, #istanbul2023,

Men’s 800m, heat 3, Elliot Crestan, Bel, wins in 1:47.76, and Andreas Kramer, SWE, 1:47.86, moves on in the third heat.

In men’s 800m, heat 4, Guy Learmouth lead until the last 50m, but Amel Tuka won this heat in 1:47.23. He is dangerous! Javier Miron, ESP, 1:47.38, Guy Learmouth on the line, 1:47.51. #europeanathletics, #istanbul2023

Men’s 800m, heat 5, Tibo De Smet, BEL, the European leader, leads 400m in 53.47, as Benjamin Robert, FRA, goes for win in 1:47.92, Simone Barontini, ITA, 1:47.94.

In 800m, lots of surprises, Garcia did not compete, Mark English did not compete, Saul Ordonez, Tony Van Dieppen, and Tibo De Smet did not move on in 800m.

Women’s 800m

Women’s 800m, heat 1,

Isabelle Boffey made a grand move off the last turn to win in 2:03.24q, with Blanka Keri, HUN, 2:03.26q, Annamarie Nissen, DEN, 2:03.70 pb.

Women’s 800m, heat 2,

a physical race, Anita Horvat, SLO, 2:03.06q, Gabriela Gajanova, SVK, 2:03.25q, and Lare Hoffman, SUI, made a big move on the back stretch, finished third in 2:03.24!

Women’s 800m, heat 3,

Keely Hodgkinson leads from the beginning, hits 400m in 59.76, wins in 2:01.68q, Massive PB for Matje Kolberg, GER, 2:01.94q, Eloisa Coiro, ITA, 2:02.19, #britishathletics,

Women’s HJ Update: Yulia Levchenko leads, clearing 1.82m, 1.87m, and 1.91m on first attempts; Yaroslava Mahuchikh had herself in trouble with 2 misses at 1.87m, then passed and moved to 1.91m, where she cleared, in a clutch jump!

Women’s 800m, heat 4, Audrey Werro, SUI, wins a slowish 2:05.60q, Lena Kandissounon, FRA, nips Kozzanova, 2:05.80-2:06.00.

Women’s 800m, heat 5, Agnes Raharolahy, FRA, managed the race, winning in 2:04.56q, Lorea IBarzabal, takes second in 2:04.63q.

Men’s TJ, Pedro Pichardo, Portugal, opens at 17.48m NR in qualifying!

Women’s 3000m heat

Konstanze Klosterhalfen leading 3000m, 1k in 2.57. The German who runs for Union Athletics, coached by Peter Julian, has run an 8.35 this season. Konstanze leads a group of five. 2k hit in 5:55, a 2:58 second kilometer….

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