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2023 European Athletics Indoor Champs, Day 2, Session 1, the heptathlon begins, Men’s 60 heats, 3000m heats

2023 European Athletics Indoor Champs, Day 2, Session 1, the heptathlon begins, Men's 60 heats, 3000m heats

European Athletics Indoors, Day 2

Session 1


60m heat 1, Sander Skotheim, NOR< 7.05, Risto Lilemets, EST, 7.05, Odrej Kopecky, CZE, 7.09, Kal Kazmirek, GER, 7.19, Maicel Uibo, EST, 7.31, Tim Nowak, 7.37.

Uibo and Nowak starting off a bit slow…

60m heat 2, Simon Ehammer runs 6.80, Manuel Eitel, GER, 6.81, Kevin Mayer, FRA, 6.85,

Ehammer warmed up yesterday in the LJ, did not compete, and Kevin Mayer would equal Tomas Dvorak’s three titles
if he wins in 2023!

Men’s 60m heats

1. Reece Prescod takes opening heat, in 6.60, Michel Zeze, FRA, 6.68, Lempach, POL, 6.69, Nascimento, 6.71, all move on. Prescode looked strong, relaxed and extends unbeaten streak in 2023.

2. Jan Volko, SVK, won this one in 6.62, SB on his experience. Dominik Kopec, POL, 6.64, Markus Fuchs, AUT, 6.66, Israel Olatunde, IRL, 6.68, move on.

3. Raphel Boujou, NED scores a PB in 6.59 PB, Samuele Ceccarelli, ITA, 6.62q, Kayhan Ozer, TUR, 6.67q, Eugene Amo-Dadzie, GBR, 6.69q.

4. Henrik Larsson, SWE took heat 4, in 6.62, Karl Erik Nazarov, EST, 6.63q, Jeremiah Azu, GBR, 6.66, q, Robin Ganter, TUR, 6.67, Emre Zafer Barnes, TUR, 6.70q, SB, Stanislva Kovalenko, 6.72,q

5. Marcell Jacobs, got out slow, but took over quickly in the 60m, running 6.57, fastest qualifier. Jacobs, 6.57, Pascal Mancini, SUI, 6.61q, Yannick Wolf, GER, 6.71q, Dominik Illovszky, HUN, 6.73q.

Men’s 3,000m,

heat 1, As the pace went out, Jakob Ingebrigtsen, fresh off a 3:33 1,500 gold last night, went to back with Sam Parsons, 2nd fastest European this season with his 7:39 in Millrose. Parsons and Ingebrigtsen moved up after 2:42 in 1k, 5:26 in 2k, and a final 2:30 for last 1k. Jakob Ingebrigtsen, 7:56.57q, SB, Bastien Augusto, FRA, 7:56.71, Sam Parsons, GER, 7:57.18, Tim Verbaandert, NED, 7:57.28q, Jack Rowe, GBR, 7:57.45, Emil Danielsson, 7:57.45,

heat 2, the second 3000m was a bit faster, as pace was 2:39 for 1k, and 5:20 for second, nine men move to final! Elzan Bibic, SRB, 7:50.21, Adel Mechaal, ESP, 7:50.69, James West, GB, 7:50.73, Darragh MElhinney, IRL, 7:51.11, Charles Grethen, LuX, 7:51.30, Simon Sundstrom, SWE, 7:51.30, PB, Robin Hendrix, BEL, 7:51.32, Mike Foppen, NED, 7:51.61, Mangus Tuv Nyhre, NOR, 7:52.47 PB

Women’s 60m hurdles, round 1

In heat 1, Ned Visser, NED, wins, 7.88, Laeticia Bapte, FRA, 7.97, Greta Kerekes, HUN, 8.04, Anne agre, BEL, 8.13.

In heat 2, Cyrene Samba-Mayela, FRA, 7.99, Maayke Tjin-A-Lim, NED, 8.03, Natalia Christofi, CYP, 8.09, Weronika…

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