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Course records for Ben Rothery and Amelie Lane – fell round-up

Course records for Ben Rothery and Amelie Lane - fell round-up

New marks on Ilkley Moor plus a big win for Victoria Wilkinson at Pendle in our latest coverage from the fells

ILKLEY MOOR FELL RACE (inc. Yorkshire senior championships), Ilkley, March 5

Ben Rothery not only won the race by half a minute but he also took three seconds off of the course record and also won the Yorkshire title held in conjunction.

He was followed home by Ben Sharrock and Joe Baxter.

Ilkley Moor Fell Race start (Dave Woodhead)

There was also a course record in the women’s race as Amelie Lane also clipped the previous mark by a few seconds.

Lane, who is in the under-18 category, finished 24th overall in a time of 42:00.

She finished two minutes clear of Rosalind Mather who had the consolation of the Yorkshire title.

Amelie Lane (Dave Woodhead)

Overall (5M/1320ft):
1 B Rothery (Ilkley) 35:28
2 B Sharrock (Amble) 36:03
3 J Baxter (P&B) 36:31
4 J Cummings (Ilkley) 36:33
5 G Rush (Leeds C, W40) 37:31
6 M Howard (Calder V) 37:33
7 B Houghton (Dark Pk) 37:34
8 T Saville (Dark Pk) 37:47

First four finishers (Dave Woodhead)

M50: J Green (Ilkley) 42:28

M60: C Parrack (Old Box) 49:27

M70: K Robinson (Wharf) 62:56

U18: S Bentham (Ilkley) 37:54

Yorkshire: 1 Rothery; 2 Baxter; 3 Cummings

TEAM: Yorkshire: Ilkley

Amelia Lane (Dave Woodhead)

1 A Lane (Wharf, U18) 42:00
2 R Mather (Knave) 44:12
3 B Penty (Knave) 44:32
4 E Hopkinson (Wharf, W40) 44:46
5 B Bergstrand (M’bro) 46:02

W50: R Thackray (Bing) 50:04

W60: J Collins (Wig D) 59:12

Yorkshire: 1 Mather; 2 Penty; 3 Hopkinson

Yorkshire champion Rose Mather (Dave Woodhead)

TEAM: Yorkshire: Knave


Victoria Wilkinson, a regular in Britain’s team in the major mountain running championships, won the women’s race by a stunning 13 minutes.

Joshua Holgate won the men’s race by a much tighter 11 seconds.

Joshua Holgate (Dave Woodhead)

Overall (9M/2250ft):
1 J Holgate (B’burn) 62:20
2 E Bland (Bowl) 62:31
3 I Holmes (Bing, M50) 64:38
4 M McGoldrick (Sett, M40) 65:04
5 J Craig (Barl) 65:52
6 S Atkinson (Bowl) 66:12
7 D Mirfield (Barl) 66:20
8 S Watson (Wharf) 68:16

M60: N Hayhurst (Bowl) 78:31

M70: J Holt (Clay) 87:43

1 V Wilkinson (Bing, W40) 70:08
2 K Macfarlane (C’thy) 83:56
3 M Ralphson (Barl, W40) 85:02
4 F Hall (Barl, W40) 85:06
5 J Greenhalgh (Lost, W50) 85:18

W60: K Brierley (Tod) 96:07

Victoria Wilkinson (Dave Woodhead)

BLACK COMBE, Silecroft, Cumbria, March 4

Overall (8M/3400ft):
1 F Grant (Dark Pk) 69:01
2 H Bolton (Kesw) 69:50
3 T Simpson (Amble)…

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