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Developing a winning mindset in young athletes: how to write your own success story

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Young athletes need to develop a healthy winning mindset. Without this type of mindset, their chances of success are low. They won’t have the drive that’s necessary if they want to persevere despite setbacks. It’s easy for them to become arrogant about their wins and make excuses for their losses. Some may even get anxious over their losses and eventually quit.

Athletes should be able to relate success to hard work and see accomplishment in terms of even small gains. This helps them to consistently do their best. Here are some ways to help develop this type of mindset.

Connect winning with hard work

It helps to give young athletes examples of how hard top athletes have to work to achieve success. The best players often practice the hardest. They may have been born with certain talents, but it isn’t talent alone that brings success. The truth is that they often work very hard to attain success despite their talent.

Michael Jordan is an NBA legend. He has great talent, but his hard work made him a legend. His coach said that when he first entered the league, his jump shot wasn’t strong enough. He would spend hours and hours in off seasons perfecting his jump shot.

He had the humility to know that he needed to work hard if he wanted to be the best. Student-athletes need to know their weak points and keep working on improving them. They should be happy about every step of progress they make toward becoming better athletes.

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Define success differently

Success doesn’t always come from winning. A winning mindset is to see success in improving. Athletes need to be able to bounce back after a loss. Being able to do so can be seen as an accomplishment. Any failure should help to build resilience. Athletes often face obstacles such as physical injuries, losing form or battling addiction.

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