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Scotland post five event wins at Loughborough International amid PBs and strong performances

Scotland post five event wins at Loughborough International amid PBs and strong performances

Monday 22nd May 2023

*Please note this report does not set out to report on every single peformance and is subject to corrections, updates in due course.

Discus duo Kirsty Law and Nick Percy once again posted Loughborough International event wins on a solid day of Scotland performances.

A quickfire track double in mid-afternoon from Jack Lawrie in the 400m hurdles and Carys McAulay in the Women’s 400m gave us full points there, too.

And Steven Bryce savoured a fine repeat win in the Para 1500m after winning here last year – with this time the Para events included in the overall match.

Those were the event wins but the overall pictures was about PBs, strong performances and lots of learning in a large Scotland team with a wide range of experience of this kind of event – from 17-year-old Jenna Hilditch to our Loughborough International appearance Record-holder, Kirsty Law.

It is always an honour for athletes at all ages and stages to pull on a Scotland vest.

That pride was evident throughout the weekend and we were delighted to have no fewer than 16 athletes win their first Senior Scotland vest.

Those ‘new caps’ were as follows:

Dawn Russell, Jenna Hilditch, Jamie MacKinnon, Conan Harper, Adam Hoole, Loise Garland, Hannah Cameron, Jane Davidson, Ethan Pottie, Finlay Waugh, Cian O’Donnell, Max Leslie, Sofia Vidak, Bera Ajala and Steven Bryce.

It is also the first time that the Loughborough International has included Para events within the Match scoring. We were thrilled to have Alexander Thomson, Steven Bryce and Maria Lyle wearing Scotland vests in these events.

Steven delivered a fine win in his 1500m race with a 4:06 run that was strong enough to hold off a big challenge from England on the home straight.

It was a repeat win from last year, with the difference this year being points for Scotland after that move by the Loughborough event organisers to fuller integration.

Kirsty Law almost has as many Loughborough appearances as those aforementioned 16 athletes put together.

Kirsty, who threw in Inverness the week before, had considered not competing this time after countless Scotland call-ups. Feeling not totally ready in May, she changed her mind – and once again delivered full points with a discus win in 56.30m.

‘I thought it over and asked myself ‘Why would I not represent Scotland?’. There was no real reason not to other than my own ego…

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