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Burns Looking For More Record Action

Burns Looking For More Record Action

Having knocked down Galen Rupp’s 5000 HSR, Connor Burns has more record-chasing on his calendar. (BILL LEUNG)

ON THE ONE HAND, Connor Burns (Southern Boone County, Ashland, Missouri) says he felt like he was “just floating” for most of the 5000 at the On Track Fest. On the other, it took everything he had to hold it together on the homestretch and break Galen Rupp’s HS Record with a 13:37.30.

Burns had been thinking about going after Rupp’s 13:37.91 mark from ’04 for a while: “Last summer, when I was thinking about my goals — I didn’t really talk to anybody about it — I was thinking, ‘Well, I ran 3:58. I know I’m in really good 2M shape now,’ or I was at the end of the season. So yeah, I figured, ‘If I keep progressing, it’s pretty possible that I can go for 5K and 2M national records this season.’ That’s kind of where I started. And then, after some really good workouts in the winter, I was pretty confident coming into it.”

That’s what brought Burns to California for the second time this season, though he Is still quite unhappy with how his early-April trip to Arcadia panned out. He went there hoping to do some damage to the all-time 8-lap list, and ended up finishing 4th in 8:41.67m. “It was weird, because I felt good going into it, felt I did all the right things and then just had an absolutely horrible race. It was a pretty bitter flight home after that. The goal was definitely not to run 8:41 out there.”

At the Track Fest, Burns found himself in the second section of the 5000, and says, “I went out, the plan was just to stay glued to the rail for as long as possible, just conserve as much energy as I can, and then be prepared to let it loose the last few laps and close it down.”

Running with indoor HSR holder Tyrone Gorze in a field of pros and collegians, the 18-year-old says, “I got out — I kind of got manipulated around to the back of the pack. Me and Tyrone were bringing up the rear pretty much for most of the race.

“There was a point where the group we were behind was kind of separating, so we both moved to cover the gap. There was a group up front going for 13:20, and we were in the group a little behind them. And then our group started to slow down to 66s at one point, which I could feel. I really didn’t want to lead, so I didn’t do anything, but it was a little frustrating when it was going slow.

“We went through 2M and I saw the clock at 8:46 and I just couldn’t believe how…

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