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USATF Throws Festival — Andersen Joins 80m Club

USATF Throws Festival — Andersen Joins 80m Club

A barrier-breaking PR wasn’t on Brooke Andersen’s bingo card for Tucson but she was more than happy to take it. (PAUL MERCA)

TUCSON, ARIZONA, May 20 — The USATF Throws Festival highlighted all of the flinging events, but it was the hammers that stole the show. In the women’s competition reigning world champion Brooke Andersen put together a massive 263-0 (80.17) on her third attempt to become No. 3 in world history, after only Anita Włodarczyk and DeAnna Price.

“I wasn’t expecting that big of a mark,” she said. “Honestly, I was just going in and hoping to execute some cues that we had been working on and then just hopefully move the mark from there.”

The world-leading throw came after an opening foul and a 254-2 (77.47). “When I released it, I knew I hit the final [rotation] pretty good. I knew I had missed a couple turns before that, but when I hit that final and I watched it fly, I was like, ‘Oh, that could be it.’ But knowing my luck, I was like, ‘It also could not be as far as I think it is’ [laughs]. But I was optimistic. I was like, ‘Dang, it looks really far.’ I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Then I blanked after they said ‘80…’”

She finished up her series with a foul, 251-2 (76.56) and 259-2 (78.99). “Obviously I’m still hoping for more in the future” she said. “It’s kind of a surreal moment in that I wasn’t expecting it at that meet, so I’m just excited as to what we can now accomplish this season.”

Behind Anderson, Janee’ Kassanavoid threw 251-4 (76.60) for 2nd and Annette Echikunwoke 246-1 (75.00) for 3rd.

The guys’ hammer also produced a world leader, Rudy Winkler hitting 265-4 (80.88) on his third throw. “Back over 80 and feeling good,” he posted. It was his first meet past that line since his American Record 271-4 (82.71) at the Olympic Trials.

The women’s javelin saw Maggie Malone post a U.S.-leading 204-4 (62.28) to handily top Olympic champion Shiying Liu of China, who reached 196-3 (59.82).

New Zealand’s Tom Walsh took the shot at 71-8¾ (21.86) over Payton Otterdahl’s 70-7¼ (21.52), with Tripp Piperi at 70-5¼ (21.47).


Men’s Events

SP: 1. Tom Walsh (NZ) 71-8¾ (21.86); 2. Payton Otterdahl (US) 70-7¼ (21.52); 3. Tripp Piperi (US) 70-5¼ (21.47); 4. Uziel Muñoz (Mex) 69-11 (21.31) NR; 5. Rajindra Campbell (Jam) 69-11 (21.31) PR; 6. Chuk Enekwechi (Ngr) 69-7 (21.21); 7. Roger Steen (US) 69-6 (21.18); 8. Mostafa Hassan…

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