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Additional income or how athletes advertise products

Additional income or how athletes advertise products

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Being a pro athlete is many kids’ dream. That’s because sports stars are popular, highly skilled, and earn a lot of money. What’s best, many athletes earn extra from brand endorsements and product promotion.

But why do notable sports figures engage in advertising campaigns? And how much can they earn from it? Read on to see the answers!

Types of brands athletes tend to promote

Many people wonder which companies tend to hire sportsmen, but the truth is this: Almost all of them do it. 

We’ll start with the obvious – sports apparel companies frequently hire athletes to promote their clothing or shoes. Examples include Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Puma, Reebok, and New Balance, to name just a few.

Besides that, companies making sports drinks and nutritional supplements are also agile in this field. It’s a natural combination because athletes promote products that emphasise the importance of hydration and proper nutrition for athletic performance. You’ll probably think of Gatorade or Red Bull, but there are tons of other brands in the same niche. 

One of the rising trends is the impact of the gambling industry. You’ve probably seen it before if you play online casino games – as soon as you choose the casino, you see ads with well-known faces. This is the case when you play at the best payout online casino because it does everything to impress users. You can withdraw money quickly, all while playing sports-themed games and watching commercials with superstar runners or track and field athletes.

Perhaps it feels strange to see athletes endorsing online casinos, but it comes down to the financial benefits for both parties involved.  Bear in mind that the best casino with no account can afford to hire famous people for its marketing campaigns. That greatly adds to the Olympic athletes income, helping them earn some extra bucks. 

Of course, the automobile industry is not immune to this kind of marketing either. The likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW often partner with athletes to promote their vehicles. But the list goes on, as you’ll notice sportsmen promoting a range of other businesses like:

  • Tech companies
  • Financial services
  • Fast food chains
  • Watch and jewellery brands
  • Cosmetics 
  • Healthcare

Athletes as brand ambassadors

Fans love athletes with exceptional skills, but brands appreciate sportsmen for their off-the-field presence. That’s because many athletes have celebrity status and huge social media followings. In such…

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