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Top 4 events that have a stadium setting finish

Reading Half

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To complete a long-distance running event, athletes need all the additional support available to get over the finish line. Sometimes, organised long-distance runs finish in front of cheering crowds in massive stadiums to give runners an extra boost for the final push.

Recently, certain running events have finished in some of the most iconic football stadiums, well-known to many fans worldwide. But others attract a more local crowd in the lesser-known long-distance running routes at football stadiums which have regional significance.

Every athlete likes to feel like they are running in the Olympics, especially when running challenging distances like half and full marathons. These unique races give regular runners the chance to feel the roar when they step into a stadium to run a final lap and complete their race. It can certainly help a few runners secure a personal best!

Here are four races in the UK that finish the race inside a football stadium:

Milton Keynes Marathon

The Milton Keynes marathon only began in 2012, making it one of the more recent long-distance running events to launch in the UK. However, the route for this 26.2-mile road race finishes inside the modern football arena and concert venue of Stadium MK.

In addition, the race starts inside the 30,500-seater venue, which gives runners a bit of extra motivation to make it to the finish line inside the arena.

Besides the MK Marathon, MK Stadium also hosts other high-profile events. In 2022, the stadium hosted several matches of the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022, which was highly popular among fans of football and football betting sites.

How to enter:

Date: 5th May 2024

Reading Half Marathon

Similarly, the Reading half marathon begins and ends inside the city’s biggest sports venue, the Madejski Stadium. The football ground is home to the city’s only club, Reading FC and runners are cheered on each year by crowds of up to 15,000 – just 10,000 spectators shy of the ground’s full capacity of 24,161.

Originally, when the race launched in 1983, the football stadium was not incorporated into the route. However, new ownership in 2003 made significant changes to the route, including a big cheering finish at the Madejski Stadium

How to enter:

Date: 14th April 2024

Gateshead Half Marathon

Although many long-distance runs are overshadowed by the Great North Run each year, many smaller events have blockbuster finishes…

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