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10 ways how video games can make you a better athlete 

10 ways how video games can make you a better athlete 

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On the surface, gaming and sports may seem unrelated. But modern research reveals some striking ways that video games can improve vital skills and abilities that translate directly into athletic performance. From enhanced reflexes to improved teamwork, gaming can give aspiring athletes a competitive edge. Let’s examine how moderate gameplay can help you excel in your sport.

Quicker Reaction Time

Success in most sports relies on lightning-quick reflexes and response time. Those split seconds between reacting to the ball, opposing player, or terrain can make or break the game. Playing video games naturally trains individuals to react faster, as they require players to respond swiftly to rapidly changing virtual scenarios.

Fast-paced action games demand ongoing, split-second reactions to various on-screen events. It’s a fact that expert gamers display reaction times faster by an average of 100-150 milliseconds compared to non-gamers. Just half an hour of daily gaming can significantly sharpen your reflexes, improving reaction times during actual sports play. 

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Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

Sports like baseball, tennis, boxing, and hockey require top-tier hand-eye coordination, a skill that video gaming can effectively enhance. Gaming exercises our visuomotor skills by requiring immediate and precise responses to visual cues and coordinating our hand movements with the information our eyes collect.

Studies find experienced gamers demonstrate marked visuomotor gains measured through tasks like tracing tasks or ball catching. The advanced neural connections built by complex button inputs bolster total body coordination. This ability translates into tracking a pitched baseball better, hitting accurate tennis serves, or…

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