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UK age group records for Phoebe Gill, Angus Wilkinson and Paul Forbes and sub-two for Khai Mhlanga

UK age group records for Phoebe Gill, Angus Wilkinson and Paul Forbes and sub-two for Khai Mhlanga

While all attention was on Hungary, our UK round-up contains record 800m and miles and the England U17/15 Championships

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Swede Samuel Pihlstrom won the men’s mile in 3:54.83 with James Gormley setting a PB of 3:56.31 in third and Henry McLuckie improved to 3:57.69 in sixth.

In the women’s race, Finn Sara Lappalainen narrowly edged Sarah Calvert’s 4:28.40 and Erin Wallace’s 4:29.08 with both the Scots setting PBs.

Arguably though it was age-groupers who impressed even more.

Angus Wilkinson ran an incredible 10-second UK under-15 mile record of 4:11.20. The previous best was Glen Stewart’s 4:21.9. The son of the Commonwealth 10,000m champion Lachie had set his time in 1985 and Calum Dick also broke the old mark that has stood for 38 years with 4:20.91.

Wilkinson though also broke the 1500m record with 3:53.70 with 1500m times also being taken electronically. This bettered Evan Grime’s 3:54.36 mark from this year.

That was not the only record though as Paul Forbes continued his breaking season as his 5:08.36 is 18 seconds quicker than Kevin Archer’s listed M65 best set in 2018 though Forbes did run quicker setting an indoor mark. Alastair Walker ran 5:10.57 at this meeting last year but that was never ratified.

Paul Forbes

Men: Mile: A: 1 D Bebbington (B’burn) 4:00.84; 2 J Lillesø (Bagsværd Atletik Club) 4:01.76; 3 A McGill (Living, U20) 4:02.75; 4 D Minors (BER) 4:02.89; 5 N Johnston (Harrow) 4:03.76; 6 K Reilly (Ton) 4:06.15; 7 L Davidson (I’ness) 4:06.91; 8 J MacKinnon (Cambus) 4:07.53; 9 C Vilches (Puerto Rico) 4:11.01. B: 1 S Pihlström (SWE) 3:54.83; 2 M Thorwith (SFD`75 Düsseldorf-Süd) 3:55.88; 3 J Gormley (Shef/Dearn) 3:56.31; 4 S Heikkinen (Lempaalan kisa yleisurheilu) 3:56.36; 5 V Keter (Nike / Moyo Sports) 3:57.13; 6 H McLuckie (SB) 3:57.69; 7 C Doyle (C’liffe) 3:57.84; 8 S Blake (Eintracht Frankfurt) 4:00.09; 9 A Milligan (NBH) 4:00.28; 10 K Elliott (Falk) 4:02.65; 11 T Dodd (Bir) 4:04.87. 1500 splits: A: 1m J Lillesø (Bagsværd Atletik Club) 3:45.54; 2m D Minors (BER) 3:45.70; 3m D Bebbington (B’burn) 3:45.73; 4m N Johnston (Harrow) 3:46.53; 5m A McGill (Living, U20) 3:46.83; 6m K Reilly (Ton) 3:47.58; 7m J MacKinnon (Cambus) 3:48.13; 8m L Davidson (I’ness) 3:49.12. B: 1m S Pihlström (SWE) 3:40.14; 2m M Thorwith (SFD`75 Düsseldorf-Süd) 3:40.62; 3m S Heikkinen (Lempaalan kisa yleisurheilu) 3:40.92; 4m V Keter (Nike / Moyo Sports) 3:41.06; 5m J Gormley (Shef/Dearn) 3:41.20; 6m H McLuckie (SB) 3:42.03; 7m…

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