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By Senior Correspondent Marty Ogden, Editing and Graphics by Ron Knapp

College Recruiting Questions

The process of choosing a college can be a daunting task for anyone.  What makes it even more stressful is the fact that most student athletes usually don’t even know what questions to ask to discover if a school is a right fit. All schools look great on the surface, but what you don’t know is what will make the difference between a great four year experience or a possible miserable year and a transfer. 

The following are a list of many questions you might ask a college coach during your recruiting process. Not all will apply, and many will be answered either through your research or during your conversations by phone or during your visit. But these will be a great way to make sure you are going into your college search with your eyes wide open. 


1. What is the average course load for athletes during the season?

2. What time does the first class start at your school?

3. Are there any blocked-out times when track athletes can’t take classes?

4. Are there any conflicts people in my major have with practice?

5. What’s your team’s GPA?

6. What is the average class size for undergraduate courses? Professor-to-student ratio? 

7. How many seniors have you had on the team for the past five years? 

8. How many track athletes do you currently have that are in my major?

9. How many track athletes have graduated with a degree in my major in the past five years? 

10. What are the qualifications to be accepted into my major? 

11. Will the university provide tutors for extra help? 

12. Is there a team study hall? 

13. What is the average number of classes will I miss for competition? How do I go about getting excused and making up missed work? 

14. What are the admissions requirements beyond the NCAA sliding scale? i.e. GPA, test scores.

15. What is the biggest benefit to attending your school?


1. Where do you see me contributing to your school’s program?

2. How many people in my event have you brought in during the last two years?

3. How many people in my event do you anticipate leaving after this year’s season?

4. What is your walk-on standard? How do you make the team?


1. How many years has your head coach been at your school? Coached college track? Other coaching experience?

2. How many years has my event coach been at your school? Coached college track? Other coaching experience?

3. Who are your biggest…

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