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Pre Classic/DL Final — Men’s Track

Pre Classic/DL Final — Men’s Track

Karsten Warholm touched down from hurdle 10 with a 0.18 lead on Rai Benjamin, who turned the tables on the run-in to finish 0.14 ahead. (VICTOR SAILER/PHOTO RUN)

SOMETHING MUST HAVE changed Noah Lyles’ mind about wrapping his season after the Zürich DL. Whether a tasty appearance fee or the video evidence of speed at practice he posted on social media turned the trick, the world champion/world leader announced 11 days before he’d race at Pre. Lyles came ready and tore to the second-fastest time ever in his short-dash career.

But Christian Coleman lay in wait, still on his redemption roll after Budapest, and crossed the finish line out front in 9.83 — equal to Lyles’ world lead from Worlds which Coleman had equaled in Xiamen 2 weeks ago. Ferdinand Omanyala placed 4th also at 9.85, just 0.002 behind Lyles, the fastest non-altitude clocking of the Kenyan’s career.

Coleman in lane 4 hit his trademark-when-he’s-on rocket start with Omanyala inches back. In this one, though Lyles’ 0.155 reaction time was marginally slowest in the field, the double world champ roared out quick, as well.

Coleman clicked along in the lead and as Lyles never quite hit the very peak end of his trademark, the late-dash drive, he had to settle for collaring Omanyala at the line.

It was a burner of a campaign closer and Kishane Thompson surged aggressively for 4th in 9.87, second-fastest of the Jamaican’s career after his 9.85 behind Coleman in Xiamen. Budapest silver medalist Letsile Tebogo looked sluggish early and pulled up apparently injured though late enough to limp on momentum across the line 8th in 10.61.

“I feel like I could have executed the start a little bit better,” said victor Coleman who had waited for the time to flash up before he celebrated. “But I feel like I was able to just put [to use] all my experiences throughout the year during the race.

“In races like that I usually might get tight or just not execute the back end, but I was able to just find a sense of confidence and believe in myself, like I knew I was supposed to win this race and so I was able to stay composed and put out a win at the end.

“You just got to stay consistent, find your race pattern, and when you find it you hold on to it. This year I feel like I had a mental breakthrough to where I’m able to just find my stride and stick to it. And I feel like next year I’ll be able to capitalize. Just relax, just fill my cup back up.”

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