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Boston Marathon cut-off time stricter than ever

Boston Marathon cut-off time stricter than ever

Runners have had to go 5:29 or faster than the original qualifying time to be accepted in the 2024 race

Applicants for the 2024 Boston Marathon have only had their invitations accepted if they clocked five minutes and 29 seconds faster than the qualifying standard for their respective age groups.

The Boston Marathon Association (BAA) announced that out of the 33,058 applications received, 22,019 have been admitted to the race.

That means that more than 11,000 runners who ran the qualifying standard in their age groups did not get in.

For example, a man and woman between the ages of 18-34 will have had to run 2:54:31 and 3:24:31 respectively.

Everyone with a valid time in the 2022 and 2023 editions got accepted.

Roughly eight thousand runners will be doing it for charity and that will therefore bring the total up to the 30,000 mark.

Evans Chebet and Hellen Obiri (Getty)

Before Covid-19 caused the cancellation of the 202o event, participation numbers for the Boston Marathon were: 30,251 in 2015, 30,741 in 2016, 30,074 in 2017, 30,088 in 2018 and 30,0234 in 2019.

The 33,058 qualifier applicants for the 2024 Boston Marathon is a race record.

The youngest and oldest accepted athletes are 18 and 82 respectively.

“Just four years after we adjusted the race’s qualifying standards by five minutes for all ages and divisions, more than 33,000 athletes earned Boston Marathon qualifying times,” said Jack Fleming, President and CEO of the B.A.A.

“While we’re unable to accept all into the field, we applaud and recognize the many athletes who circled the 128th Boston Marathon on their calendar as a goal race to strive towards. Boston Marathon qualifiers are among the most dedicated athletes in sports and are always pushing to achieve their goals and personal bests.”

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