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UYN – unleash your nature, the innovation of garment engineering

UYN research centre, Italy

UYN sports, part of the Treve Innovation group of companies, is a manufacturer of premier apparel using circular and 3D knitting technology to create seamless garments.

The name UYN (pronounced WIN) stands for Unleash Your Nature and fittingly, their latest range of garments sees them moving into the post-synthetic era.

Their new BIOTECH range are the first technical garments to eliminate synthetic materials from their production.

UYN research centre, Italy

The biotech range uses 7 new materials, each with unique properties created by nature.


 A vegetable wool, Kapok is a totally organic fibre obtained from the fruit of the Ceiba Pentandra, a sacred plant that grows up to 60 metres high and is widespread in the rainforests of South America. Known as ‘vegetable wool’ due to its extraordinary lightness, kapok is a hollow fibre composed of 80% air, with a very low density. Because of this, kapok is the lightest natural fibre in the world.

Being totally organic, Kapok fibre grows wild in pristine forests and no intensive cultivation is required. No fertilizers or pesticides are used in its cultivation and the fibre is harvested by hand.

 Its structure allows the kapok fibre to trap a large amount of body-warmed air thus creating an insulating barrier that protects against temperature changes.

 Kapok is high quality, soft, dries quickly, is hygroscopic and has natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties.


 Flexycorn is a sustainable alternative to elastane, it is a plant-based bio-polyester. Extraordinarily elastic and resilient, it keeps its original shape longer and it is wrinkle and UV-resistant.

Flexycorn has made it possible to replace synthetic elastane fibres with a recyclable, more sustainable and less polluting material. This innovative yarn is derived from corn which isn’t used for human consumption.


 The wood obtained from Eucalyptus trees becomes Ecolypt, a 100% sustainable fibre with exceptional properties. The characteristics of the pulp of the wood from which it is obtained give Ecolypt strength and great elasticity.

Its structure is composed of very small hydrophilic fibres that absorb up to 50% more moisture than cotton. In addition, the fibre is highly breathable, minimizes the formation of odours and thanks to its temperature-regulating properties it is able to provide a cooling effect in hot temperatures and a warming effect on cold days.

The entire production process of ECOLYPT fibre is…

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