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The Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex will now be accepting practice application for the 2023-2024 indoor track & field season,  As in previous years, practice will be held Monday through Thursday and broken down by age and/or team type to allow for safe and productive training sessions.  

“We are thrilled to welcome back our youth, high school and college athletes from across the tri-state area for another amazing season here at the Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex”, stated Lauren Primerano, Park Administrator. “We are excited to see what the new season brings, with our recent upgrade to the most technologically advanced Mondo track surface ever produced, we expect big things this year from our hometown athletes.”

Prior to practicing at the Athletic Complex; athletic directors, head coaches and assistant coaches must fill out the online practice application & rule acknowledgment form.  Once all the forms are received, the head coach of the program will be sent additional resources to complete their teams practice enrollment.  

As a reminder for high school and college programs, all coaches must be listed by the athletic director to be eligible for a coaches pass.  For coaches of club teams or unattached athletes, coaches must be USATF members, complete a USATF background screening and be three step SafeSport compliant.  No other coaches will be permitted into practice sessions.  The safety of our student-athletes is our number one priority and the rules will be strictly enforced.

To access the practice application form please use the following link: Practice Application and Rule Acknowledgment

Practice begins on Tuesday, November 14th.  We look forward to seeing you at the fastest indoor track in the United States!


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