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New roles in our Performance team to cover Endurance running

New roles in our Performance team to cover Endurance running

Wednesday 15th November 2023

Our Staff structure

scottishathletics are pleased to confirm two appointments following a re-structuring of endurance within our Performance Team.

Robert Hawkins will now assume the role of our National Endurance Manager (Olympic Pathway).

And Angela Mudge now takes on the role of our National Endurance Manager  (Off Track Pathway).

Robert and Angela will report to Mark Pollard, our Head of Performance, and link with the rest of the team and the wider scottishathletics staff.

A number of key roles in the Olympic Pathway – essentially track endurance plus marathon – and the Off Track Pathway – combining Cross Country, Road Running, Hill Running and Ultra – are outlined below (although the list is not exhaustive).

We firmly believe we now have in place a more effective structure to help us deliver our programmes and projects across the breadth of endurance activities we undertake.

Eilish McColgan is looking to move to marathon (photo by Bobby Gavin)

Key facets of the Olympic Pathway role:

  • With support and guidance from the Head of Performance ensure there is effective expertise, support and guidance around the development of Olympic Pathway endurance events in Scotland.
  • Undertaking a Performance Manager role for agreed Athlete and Coach pairings as part of the Performance Foundations and National Academy pathway programmes (liaising with service support partners where appropriate)
  • In agreement with the Head of Performance, lead, plan and deliver on the scottishathletics Olympic Pathway Endurance Projects (MDP, LDP, MP) – this will primarily focus on the following three strands:
    • Coach development
    • Athlete development
    • Competition development
  • Lead, manage and support the delivery and evolution of Olympic Pathway Endurance Projects competition opportunities (for 800m to 10,000m + Marathon)
  • Coordinate the creation of appropriate CPD resources and facilitate the delivery of the coach development aspect on agreed Olympic Pathway Endurance Projects (as well as Performance Pathway programmes where appropriate).
  • Coordinate the development of appropriate sport science support with service provision partners (e.g. SIS) where appropriate, to facilitate coach and athlete development on agreed Olympic Pathway endurance projects (as well as Performance Pathway programmes where appropriate).
  • Lead the development and evolution of a network of endurance coaches for Olympic Pathway events…

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