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Enhancing Athletes’ Energy with Biokinetics – The Forth Energy System

Enhancing Athletes' Energy with Biokinetics - The Forth Energy System

Some athletes have naturally high levels of biokinetic energy production and others, much less so. But all athletes, whether naturally high or low, can improve and develop their biokinetic energy contribution, dramatically improving running economy and performance.


This webinar will introduce, in simple terms, what Biokinetic Energy is, discuss why you should be aware of it and, most importantly, present what you can do as a coach or athlete to develop and improve it.


About your speaker:
Peter Thompson is a former Vice President of the BMC and has been coaching athletes and coaches for 55 years. Specialising in 800m – Marathon, his athletes have set six world records.

In 2006, he became the global Event Group Editor for Endurance for IAAF/WA and European Endurance Leader. Peter is also a biomechanist and shoe designer (Nike, Reebok and Hoka).

In addition to his own squad, he has coached coaches and athletes on camps and clinics in 54 countries and representing over 175 nations, emphasising a process-focused approach.

Currently residing in Eugene, he is now the Performance Director of the Spirit of Oregon Foundation, spreading and implementing his knowledge of his ‘Lactate Dynamics Training’, ‘New Interval Training’ and ‘Biokinetic Energy and The Fourth Energy System’ discoveries.

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