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2024 Winter Training Program, Week 4, Day 7, Sunday is all about the Long Run!

2024 RunBlogRun Winter Training Program, Week 4, Day 7, Sunday is about the Long Run

This is Sunday, January 28, 2024.

This is day 7 of the RunBlogRun Winter Training Program, week 4.

Today is a long run.

The term, long run is relative.

I recall speaking with Donovan Brazer, the 2019 World Champion at 800 meters, who told me that his long run was 8 miles!

The late Kenny Moore, two-time Olympian and senior writer at Sports Illustrated during its wonder years, ran a 30 miler once a week to prep for

his marathons.

My approach is more moderate.

In high school, 60-90 minutes makes sense. In college, 90-2:20 makes sense, provided both are in 3 weeks juggling, like 75 minutes, 90 minutes, 70 minutes for high schoolers.

Your workout today:

Warmup slowly,

70-90 minutes, moderate pace,

cooldown slowly, make sure that you do some slow stretching,



Larry’s Deep Thoughts: Long Runs are key to your training. They are one of the essential workouts of the week. They are different for different focuses, from 800m to the marathon. Speak to your coach before you increase your long run. Remember, my daily suggestions are for your coach and you. Always ask your coach prior to changing your training! 

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