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2024 Olympic Trials Marathon Preview — Part 1

2024 Olympic Trials Marathon Preview — Part 1

How will the two OT races in Orlando play out? Part 1 of our preview lays out predicted course conditions and more. (VICTOR SAILER/PHOTO RUN)

When: Saturday February 3. Men’s start 10:10 AM (EST); Women’s start 10:20 AM. This will be the fourth edition of a conjoined men’s and women’s Trials, the pairing having begun with the Houston Trials in 2012 followed by Los Angeles ’16 and Atlanta in ’20.

Broadcast: Streaming Live on Peacock (10:00 AM). Tape-delayed on NBC (12 noon EST). Check your local listings.

Trials Websites

USATF Trials Home Page

Orlando LOC Home Page

Weather: Weather looks OK, not as bad as feared, but not the good-to-great weather expected on Thursday. With each successive day temperatures and dewpoints are likely to tick up 2–3 degrees Fahrenheit. Saturday should not be too bad. With forecasted sunny skies, temperatures will rise from 62 to 72 (16–22 C) degrees, amid light easterly winds of 4–7mph, and manageable dewpoint temperatures rising from 46 to 49.

For athletes who have acclimatized with an extended pre-Trials stay in Florida, the race day weather will be a much welcomed break from the hot and humid weather of the past week.

The expected 10-degree increase in temperature over the course of the races poses the most significant challenge for the runners as they will try to maintain an efficient performance while the temperature increases a degree every 15 minutes. The dew point is also borderline, sitting just below the 50 (10c) degree threshold when the energy that an athlete expends processing sweat begins to compromise performance.

The light wind and little chance of rain are pluses, though with much more humid air and rain showers predicted for Sunday we can only hope that the weather change doesn’t pick up its pace.

Weather is weather – check back for updates at Weather Underground

Prediction: 2+ stars, sunny and a bit warm finishing over 70-degress, and a borderline rather challenging dewpoint.

Criterium Course: The course consists of a primary 8-mile loop, preceded by a 2-mile starting loop, and concluding with a 385-yard finishing straight. The course features both repeating mile markers and 5K stations. Real-time splits should be available.

Course Elevation and Shade Characteristics: As may be expected for central Florida, the course is relatively flat, but far from dead flat with a 39-foot elevation range and a 30-foot riparian depression in the middle of the course separating higher…

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