Sterling Scott Is On The Fast Track To Becoming Missouri’s Next Great Jumper

Sterling Scott Is On The Fast Track To Becoming Missouri's Next Great Jumper

While Scott received a lot of support from his family, the competition over who is the best jumper in the family is just as important as winning event titles and placing on the podium. 

“We have our huge rivalry in our house because you want to be the top jumper,” Scott said. “That’s just what happens when both of your parents are jumpers.”

During Scott’s breakout meet at North State, his personal best was two feet behind his mom’s. After his PR-shattering jump, he moved three feet ahead of her, much to the amusement of his mom who was there coaching him.

“When I finally beat her by three feet, she’s like, ‘What have we been doing this whole time? We should have done this two years ago. You would have been way farther ahead,’” Scott said. “But you know, she was just really happy that I ended up figuring it out.”

After a monumental junior year, Scott made his decision to commit to Missouri, joining a team that had seen jumpers such as Arianna Fisher and Roberto Vilches, among many others, develop into multi-time All-Americans in the Black and Gold. For the son of two Auburn grads who are currently employed by Ole Miss and Mississippi State, the decision to go to Missouri might have seemed out of the box, but that’s exactly what Scott wanted.

“I felt comfortable in Mississippi and I wanted to explore something for myself and be on my own,” Scott said. “My parents did the same thing going to Auburn because they both went very far away from home, and I wanted to just do the same thing.”

Scott saw in Chamov’s jumpers a sense of maturity and a recognizable poise about them. Additionally, Scott’s dad and Chamov knew each other from when Andre coached at SIUE and Chamov coached at Lindenwood. In Chamov, Andre Scott knew his son would be set up in the best position to succeed and grow into a world-class jumper.

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