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Neuff athletes worth watching in 2024

Neuff athletes worth watching in 2024

These are just some of the names you should look out for this season and it could be a truly spectacular year

In what will be a sensational season for track and field, many of Neuff’s athletes are quickly establishing themselves as unbeatable names for 2024 and beyond.

The Neuff Athletic Ambassador scheme has involved an eclectic mix of gifted athletes since its launch in 2022, all of whom work with the company to highlight and tackle topical issues across various track and field events.

It’s a close-knit community and one which is swiftly growing in notoriety. The proof can also be discovered in the stats, with applications almost quadrupling for Neuff’s second intake compared to the first.

Since the scheme’s humble beginnings, many of Neuff’s ambassadors have already made groundbreaking achievements at such early stages in their careers.

Nothing is ever certain in athletics, although a few of Neuff’s athletes have been tipped to perform exceptionally well throughout 2024.

Fabio Zamparelli

Currently the UK’s number one ranked athlete in both shot put and discus, Fabio Zamparelli is a F20 para-athlete with a yearning desire to represent Great Britain in the Paralympics.

For many long-time followers of the Neuff brand, no introduction is needed where Zamparelli is concerned. Long before the ambassador scheme began, he had been associated with the company for many years, often sharing his achievements through the company’s social media channels.

After switching from rugby to throwing as a young teenager, Zamparelli has consistently proven himself as a formidable opponent amongst his fellow competitors, and he successfully kick-started 2024 as a national champion at the National Indoor Para Championships in Sheffield.

“Attending a national indoor championship was a new experience for me, especially as it was in the middle of winter training. So achieving a personal best and coming away with a gold medal was the result of constant training and focus,” Zamparelli tells Neuff.

Fabio Zamparelli (England Athletics)

What’s more, Zamparelli was recently invited to compete at the UKA Championships in Birmingham later this month, where he will be throwing amongst the elites of his sport, such as Scott Lincoln.

Within the athletics community, he has inspired many with his exceptionally positive attitude towards his training and competitions, even in the most challenging circumstances.

“My attitude to life is positive,” he adds. “This is…

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