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Athlete endorsements and the online casino industry

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Combining renowned athletes and online casinos is a smart marketing tool that can easily boost a brand’s player base

As the online casino industry continues to develop in the United States and internationally, we see marketing strategies emerge to capture players’ attention. Online casino sites work hard to strengthen their brands to ensure player retention and engagement. One strategy that is often utilized is athlete endorsements. Combining renowned athletes and online casinos is a smart marketing tool that can easily boost a brand’s player base. However, there is also a fine line to walk when it comes to challenges that can emerge with such partnerships.

Effective Marketing Strategy

Using athletes to bring in players via online casino sites is an effective marketing strategy. A respected athlete can bring in thousands, if not millions, of new players, based on the athlete’s influence. The athlete’s image, values, and persona can easily be used to boost a brand’s identity and credibility. Being smart with athlete endorsements can lead a casino gaming company to reach a broader audience base, boosting revenue earnings.

In the past, brands have teamed up with major athletes to increase their mainstream audience. In 2021, Shaquille O’Neal signed a deal with WynnBET in the US for a promotional partnership. Wayne Gretzky worked with BetMGM along with Tom Brady. These big names have helped bring more viewership and players to the casino brands.

Online casino operators utilize commercials and online ads to push athlete endorsements to the forefront. Athletes may be featured on the casino’s websites and gaming platforms, connected to promotions or special events. Gaming operators can use the athlete’s likeness in various ways to try and boost player retention. Smart online casino marketers use plans that make the most out of the endorsement deals by using various marketing methods and materials.

Regulatory Issues and Sports Integrity

Athlete endorsements have many advantages, but there are also downsides. Regulatory challenges often come into play, particularly with online gambling services. Only certain jurisdictions allow casino games or sports betting when connected to real-money play.

Companies must adhere to advertising standards and guidelines. To offer iGaming, an operator must be licensed and regulated in a state that has legalized gambling. In each state, the operator must follow the guidelines and rules set forth by gaming…

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