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Lyles stars in latest Inside Track podcast series

Lyles stars in latest Inside Track podcast series

“I want to show the world that when I leave the sport, it will be forever changed”

In the first episode of a new series on the World Athletics Inside Track Podcast, released today (21 March), the conversation goes deep with one of the world’s fastest men, Noah Lyles.

From his love for fashion to ramping up his on-track rivalries, USA’s six-time world gold medallist Lyles shares insight into what he aims to achieve in the sport over the next few years.

On his passion for fashion
“I found fashion to be an outlet for creativity, which is what I am all about. I kept going with it. On Instagram, I’m looking at all these basketball players and football players and soccer players and they are on GQ all the time. I’m like, I can dress better than these guys! Why are we not on here! The subcultures of track are very small – we can make them bigger, and this is just one of those areas that we can increase.”

On the inspiration for his nail design in Glasgow
“This is an anime reference – it’s from Naruto. There’s a character named Itachi and he has this ability that he can call upon black flames – it’s called Amaterasu – and the black flames do not extinguish until they kill its target. So, I put on the same black flames because I have targets and they do not extinguish until the target is taken care of.”

On his goals for the Olympics in Paris, after winning world 100m, 200m and 4x100m titles in Budapest 
“I am lifting a lot more; my body is taking on so much more load. I did the triple (in Budapest) and I was very shocked by how my body held up. Every time I go to track meets now it’s like, how many races can I get in? Because I am just constantly trying to push my body to a point where if it comes down to it – if I have the body and I am in the right headspace – I can drop a 44 or even a 43 split (in the 4x400m) at the end of some other great performances.”

On records and legacy
“For this year specifically, I want to solidify myself as the world’s fastest man in the 100m and the 200m. Breaking as many records as I can. I definitely have the American record in the 100m on my mind and even the world record. In the 200m, I have that idea of 19.10 just constantly in my head. I’ve already put together the data to say that I can do it. […] Of course, I want LA (2028 Olympics) to be my magnum opus. It’s going to be in the US, I feel it’s happening in probably what’s going to be the greatest peak of my career. Of…

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