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US Olympic Trials History – Track & Field News

US Olympic Trials History - Track & Field News

In 2012 a little rain—no, make that a lot at times—couldn’t stop Ashton Eaton from setting the most recent men’s World Record at an Olympic Trials. (JOHN BARNHART/PHOTO RUN)

Richard Hymans is as British as they come, but he’s also as hardcore a statistician as the sport has ever seen, and in multiple visits to the U.S.’s Olympic Trials, he has come away particularly enamored (or in his case, enamoured) of the quadrennial affair.

That love affair caused him to publish a remarkable book on the history of the meet. Print versions were available for ‘00 and ‘00 and ‘04 editions, but in ‘08 the book passed into the electronic realm. It is now T&FN’s honor to be able to bring to you the latest iteration. New pieces are still being added and updates are still being effected on some pages.

But before you get to the chart below, with separate links to each of the years, please read this INTRODUCTION.


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