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Optimise your recovery with a range of products designed to aid and improve performance

Groove-E – Sleep Aid Sound Machine – £19.99

With a small, unobtrusive design, the white noise generator is designed to provide a soundtrack to fall asleep to.

Whilst there are apps and other devices that can offer a similar effect, it’s the ease of use that proves to be this unit’s biggest benefit. There’s a range of noises to choose from relax and recover.

An optional pulsating LED light can also be used to aid relaxed breathing, further aiding the sleep process.

The unit is rechargeable via USB and lasts for around eight hours, so enough to last all week if travelling.

If you struggle sometimes a get to sleep or are distracted by external noise, the unit proves to be a great help in helping to relax and gently calm down before sleep.


Bob and Brad – Eye Massager – £49.99

While relaxing and recovering why not try this eye massager, a great way to not only reduce eye strain but improve relaxation, sleep and recovery.

With heat, compression and massage effects this device is quite a revelation in relaxation.

It’s a one-size-fits-all design that’s easy to fit and use and we found that with just the recommended 15-minute use it induced a relaxed state which led to a better night’s sleep.

The two-heat settings help relaxation and there are four intensities of massage available along with a built-in white noise generator to further aid relaxation. You can also connect your music source should you prefer your own playlist.

Perhaps something you wouldn’t think of trying, we found this to be one of the most used pieces of kit we’ve come across in recent years, we love it!

Bob and Brad Eye Massager

Bob and Brad Eye Massager

H20 Audio – Tri Pro Multi-Sport with Playlist+ – £146.00

Not only are these open-ear headphones waterproof, but they allow you to listen to thousands of your favourite songs without carrying your phone with you.

The built-in MP3 player has 8GB of memory and works with most music formats.

Designed for multi-sport use, the waterproof technology means you don’t have to work out without your favourite tunes whatever the session.

Simply drag and drop your music files into the headphones while recharging via USB at the same time, it’s a quick and easy process.

The sound quality is great and battery life will keep you moving all week!

H2O Audio

H2O Audio

Purelakes – Muscle & Joint Balm – £16.00

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