For Them – University of Nebraska

For Them - University of Nebraska

Always in my heart 


What continued to drive me throughout my high school seasons, and my time at Nebraska now, is no one believed in my ability more than my dad and Mer.

They saw the gift I had in the long jump pit and on the track before anyone else – even myself. 

So, for every practice, workout, and meet, it’s all for them. 

They keep me going.

Not long after Mer passed away, one of my friends had the idea of making tie-dye wristbands that say “Charged Up” on them. That was what Mer and I would say before a big meet or workout to get us motivated and fired up.

Wearing that bracelet on my wrist is just another reminder of always keeping her in my heart and to remind myself – especially at my lowest moments – to keep pushing forward and making her proud.

I also have something else to remember Mer by.

At her visitation, her dad was kind enough to give me her college spikes from UNO.

Receiving those spikes from Mer’s dad, which was such an emotional and thoughtful gesture, is something I’ll cherish forever.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the same foot size, so I can’t wear them, but they have a very special place in my apartment.

It’s just another memory I have of Mer that inspires me to never give up on myself, because she believed in me more than anybody.

And when I look at that bracelet, the spikes, and all the memories of Mer that fill my heart, I believe in myself just as much as she did.

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