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For Shoe Geeks, The Mudroom BackPack Quartable Answers the Needs of Track & Field athletes and coach!

For Shoe Geeks, The Mudroom BackPack Quartable Answers the Needs of Track & Field athletes and coach!

So, a few months ago, I found this backpack on a blog, and I thought, hey, I would like to check it out. Now that some people are reading my reviews, and I am quite grateful for that, David Deioma of Mudroom Back reached out to my email. 

David sent me the Quartable backpack, their largest and most popular backpack.

I used the backpack for the first time at the Drake Relays on April 29, 2023. For that event, I just took my laptop (I Book 15 inch), Ipad, Athletics 2022 book, my Meds, pens, jacket, and hat.

My day at a track meet consists of walking around the stadium, finding an area to sit down, so I can observe the meet (12 heats of boys 4x100m, 8 heats of girls 4x100m, Distance Medleys), and chatting with parents, grandparents, friends, and coaches. I like to get a feel for the meet.

These fans were prepared; it was about 55 degrees and sunny, but all had rain suits, too, because it was Iowa!

After chatting with real track fans, I headed up to the media area and prepared to cover the elite two hours of the meet. My girlfriend texted me, noting that the weather was looking ominous, with rain and cold to replace the sun and enjoyable spring weather.

I had the Mudroom backpack on my shoulders, and it was quite comfortable as I walked around the stadium, checking out the crowds, the athletes, the coaches enjoying the strangeness of spring weather in Des Moines, Iowa.

I spent two days in Des Moines, then my journey to the Middle East would begin.

On May 1, we drove six hours from Des Moines to Chicago and headed to Terminal 5 for Turkish Airlines. My flight to Istanbul was completely full, and I was in row 24, an exit row. My backpack fit well in the storage, and all of my lovely things, computer, meds, books, and jacket, were all there; ten hours and 32 minutes later, we landed in Istanbul, all was good. I spent five hours in the airport, then 4 hours to Doha. The total trip time was about 22 hours.

The attention to detail in the backpack? I love the running shoe pockets, which fit my large size 13 feet. I put my computer case, my Ibook, and my Laptop all in there, and I only had to worry about one bag.

So, for the past 20 years, I have traveled several times a year to Europe, Asia, and the middle east. I have taken up to two bags on planes with me, hoping for a bag to be made to handle my idiosyncrasies.

My backpack was easy to wear as I went through the laborious but swift Passport check in Doha, Qatar. It was perfect to move my…

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