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This Day in Track & Field History, March 26, 2024, Ben Eastman sets WR, Emma George, Tara Davis, by Walt Murphy’s News and Results Services

This Day in Track & Field History, March 26, 2024, Ben Eastman sets WR, Emma George, Tara Davis, by Walt Murphy's News and Results Services

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This Day in Track & Field–March 26

(Eastman-Templeton, Lon Spurrier, Emma George, World Cross-’88, ’94, Tara Davis-CR/Born On This Day- Robin Lingle, Barbara Jones/R.I.P.-Van Reenen)

1932—Stanford’s Ben Eastman set World Records for 400 meters and 440 yards when he ran 46.4 in Palo Alto. Bud Spencer, who held the previous 400 records (47.0), wrote in his biography on Eastman’s coach, Dink Templeton—” High Above the Olympians”” Templeton was indeed the only man in track history who coached a runner to a world record from a hospital bed while getting a high enema.

Templeton, who had been stricken with fulminating arthritis five months before, was about to supply last-minute instructions–by a special telephone hookup”. Templeton–“Ben, the executioner is here, and these may be my last words, so listen carefully. You’re ready to knock a second off the easiest record in the book. Get this in your noodle; I want you to tear-ass right from the gun, going as fast as you can without straining. Run easily, but run like hell, and when you hit the turn, keep running. That’s where you’ve been losing time. Keep running even if you have to crawl home on your hands and knees, but don’t let up”. (From the IAAF’s World Records Progression Book).

(Both men are members of the National Hall of Fame)

1955—Ten days after finishing second to Arnie Sowell in the 800 meters at the Pan-American Games in Mexico City, former Cal Bear Lon Spurrier ran 1:47.5 on his home track in Berkeley to set a world record for 880 yards.

With coach Brutus Hamilton shouting encouragement from the trackside, Spurrier ran the entire race as he took down the previous mark of 1:48.6, set by Denmark’s Gunnar Nielsen in 1954. (It should be noted that the World Record for 800 meters at the time was 1:46.6).

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Hamilton was a charter member of the National Hall…

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